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Tony is born. To begin his life with the beginning of his life, we recall that Tony was born on a balmy July day in Wichita, Kansas just two days shy of the multicolored Fireworks that bedazzle the celebrations of the Fourth, thereby completely hindering any future opportunity to say “He arrived with a bang!” Despite this early doctor-induced upset, he soldiered on through diapers, training wheels, Thundercats, and Elementary School, confident in the knowledge that his penchant for excelling in Math would aid him in pursuing his life-long dream of attending MIT before starting a lucrative career as a biochemist.

Alas, ‘twas not to be. For as soon as Tony began High School, he discovered Theater. Suddenly, everything made sense. That time a nun dumped him into a trashcan headfirst. Or that awkward week after watching the movie “Cocktail,” when he wanted to be a flair bartender. Then there was the time his parents were transferred to Georgia for work, and he learned a completely different dialect just to fit in. He even volunteered to dress up as a cat for a choir concert!

So the big plan changed, as big plans often do. It was time for him to put away that childish dream of changing the world through science, and say the words that every parent wants to hear: “I want to be an actor!” This may have been the first instance in which his audience was stunned into utter silence, but it assuredly would not be the last.

After a brief excursion to the College of Santa Fe, Tony continued to study acting on the mean streets of Las Vegas Community Theater where he proudly became known as the actor who would audition for the opening of an envelope. Having performed ever since in musicals, plays, dramas, comedies, parodies, farce, melodrama, and children’s theater, as well as the season when he was cast both as an 8 year old and as an 80 year old, it became obvious that Tony has no idea what, exactly, is his type. However, after moving to the Phoenix Valley six years ago, he did discover that he possessed the extremely marketable ability to push a cart across the stage. Seriously, any cart. Name a cart, he can push it. Bar Cart, Milk Cart, Garden Cart, even the elusive Silhouette Cart shall find itself moved from point A to point B in an efficient and stylish fashion.

And so, gentle reader, we now arrive at the moment when you find yourself asking, “Should I hire Tony Blosser?” Well, the resounding and totally unbiased answer is, “Yes!” He’s quirky, humorous, can bust a move until it breaks, he even won a BroadwayWorld award for playing Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof, where he pushed a MILK CART! So remember, hire Tony, and realize what prompted his mother to once comment, “When the hell did you learn to sing?”

Tony Blosser, Actor, Singer, Enthusiastic Mover, and your newest Cast Member!


Role Work Company Year
Shylock Something Rotten! Phoenix Theatre Company 2020
Franz/Max cover The Sound of Music Phoenix Theatre Company 2019
Macy Miracle on 34th Street Arizona Broadway Theatrer 2018
Krupke/Glad Hand West Side Story Phoenix Theatre Company 2018
Windy, Jim Greene Showboat Arizona Broadway Theatre 2018
Anselmo Man of La Mancha Arizona Broadway Theatre 2017
Old Joe/Others A Christmas Carol ABT/Herberger Theater 2016
Renaldi/Others Funny Girl Arizona Broadway Theatre 2016
Wolf/Others Shrek: The Musical Arizona Broadway Theatre 2016
Mordcha Fiddler on the Roof Arizona Broadway Theatre 2015
Ram’s Dad/Others Heathers Stray Cat Theatre 2015
Solicitor/Others Lucky Stiff Arizona Broadway Theatre 2015
Major Domo/Roscoe cover (Perf’d), Ben cover Follies Theater Works Live 2015
Tevye Fiddler on the Roof Desert Stages Theatre 2014
Featured Soloist I Get a Kick Out of Cole Theater Works Live 2014
Ben Weatherstaff/Holmes The Secret Garden Arizona Broadway Theatre 2014
Tateh Ragtime Theater Works Live 2013
Dwight Spraggins Summer Camp: The Musical (premiere) Onyx Theatre 2012
Hysterium A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Nevada Conservatory Theatre 2011
Andre Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Las Vegas Little Theatre 2011
Jeff [title of show] Onyx Theatre 2010
Paul Company Nevada Conservatory Theatre 2009
Georg She Loves Me Theatre in the Valley 2006
Dialects: British(Various), Eastern Yiddish, French, Italian, Southern(Various), Brooklyn, Russian; Vocal: Baritenor; Stage Combat Experience; Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Modern; Improvisation; Licensed Driver; Former Gondolier at Venetian Las Vegas; Member of the Equity Membership Candidate Program

In The Press


“As Tevye and his wife Golde, Tony Blosser and Marie Gouba couldn’t be better. They act exactly like a couple who have been together for twenty five years, raised five daughters and didn’t even know each other until their wedding day. They both are able to wring every bit of humor and emotion from the dialogue and lyrics, creating two extremely touching characters. Their performance of “Do You Love Me?” is sweet, charming and completely realistic. Blosser’s many talks to God for answers, when he is confronted by questions that go against his beliefs and he isn’t sure how much he can bend without breaking, are extremely effective, especially with the appropriate use of stillness to show Tevye’s keen sense of soul searching.” – Gil Benbrook,

“…Here, burly Tony Blosser plays the milkman and he employs the heavily accented Topol approach. It’s a good decision. From the moment he utters his opening lines, Tony successfully transports us to a different culture on the other side of the world…” – David Appleford, Valley Stage and Screen


“Tony Blosser and Rob Allocca are well cast…hilarious in their second act duet “Dead Gay Son.” – Gil Benbrook,

“Tony Blosser and Rob Allocca bring down the house with “My Dead Gay Son” – Kyle Christopher West,


” Tony Blosser creates a staunchly real immigrant in his Tateh… ” – Chris Curcio, Curtain Up Phoenix


“…Tony Blosser impresses as store owner R.H. Macy…” – David Appleford, Valley Stage and Screen

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